Ariel has been drawing since he was about 3 or 4 years old. Of course back then they were just scribbles and stick people, but he did get better. Crayons and fingerpaints eventually led to homemade comic books, portraits, murals and of course caricatures.

He first became interested in caricatures when he purchased a few issues of "MAD" Magazine in the late 70's. Later, in junior high school, a fellow classmate traded him a stack of old "MAD" Magazines for a stack of "Archie" comics. Ariel got the better deal, as this seemingly innocent trade turned into a lifelong obsession and eventually his career choice as an artist. He still considers "MAD" artist, Mort Drucker, a major influence.

Ariel has been making his living as a freelance artist and caricaturist in Southeast Michigan since 1990. He attended the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, where he majored in Graphic Communication and first started to develop his caricaturing and cartooning style. Clocking in at about 3-5 minutes per face, he averages about 1,500 - 2,000 caricatures per year. Besides his long list of clients, which includes Chrysler, GM, McDonald's and Pepsi, he has also illustrated a children's book, "The Adventures of Lovable Huggy Brown".